September 5, 2017

Dear Friends,

After much deliberation, I have decided to withdraw from the 2018 Congressional race in California’s 10th District. 

2017 has seen a groundswell of progressive political involvement, including countless new activists and a record number of Democratic candidates who had never previously considered running for office.  California’s District 10 has been particularly active, with more than a dozen new grassroots organizations, a determined push for increased voter registration and, as of the date of this writing, ten candidates who have stepped up to challenge Republican incumbent Jeff Denham, reflecting strong public sentiment that he is out of touch with his constituents and overly steeped in party politics. 

Although I am leaving this race, my goals remain the same: to defeat Denham and to increase the number of Democrats in office.  I believe that this field will produce a candidate who can unseat Denham and serve the people, and I will continue to work tirelessly to help make that happen while also exploring other ways to be of service to the District.

To my supporters:  I will never be able to thank you enough for believing in me.  I am humbled and so grateful.  I will be in touch with all donors about the disposition of unused campaign contributions. 

To the voters of District 10:  This is your race.  If ever there has been a buyer’s market in a political race, that time is now.  You can and must demand that the remaining candidates incorporate your voices and needs into their platforms.  Please strengthen them with your input, hold their feet to the fire on important issues, and don’t let them get away with canned responses or evasiveness. 

To the remaining candidates and the activists who are continuing to work on this effort:  I applaud you for stepping up and for the fine work you have already done.  Going forward, I urge each of you to consider what part you can play in unifying our party and using our collective strength to accomplish our goals as a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.  Together, we can succeed in replacing Jeff Denham with a representative who will truly champion the people of our District. 

Thank you.