My name is Lisa Battista, and I’m running to be your voice in Congress.  I’m an attorney, a progressive Democrat, and a concerned citizen who cares deeply about our country and our world.

My career as an attorney has been devoted to helping people who are victims of discrimination, fraud, and unfair treatment. My current field is legal ethics: I sue lawyers who have allowed their own egos, comfort, and financial interests to get in the way of their ethical obligations to their clients.  I feel strongly that anyone who is entrusted with power, including attorneys and government leaders, must be scrupulously ethical and honest, and that there must be reliable safeguards in place to check that power. 

Now more than ever, as those safeguards are being stripped away and our country is facing the most corrupt administration in its history, we need new leaders who will demand honesty and transparency at all levels of government.  I spend every day at work holding powerful people accountable, and I’m ready to do the same in Washington.

I want the people of District 10 to have the kind of principled, accountable representation they deserve.  No more rushed legislation, pushed through without time for adequate consideration.  No more prioritizing party over people.  And no more telling your constituents one thing then turning around and doing another.  We can, must, and will do better.